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Galini Village

Naxos Island, Greece

The farm-to-table
culinary experience

Visit the farm, see where the ingredients
are coming from
learn & cook Naxian & Greek recipes
and enjoy your meal

Platia's Kouzina

Greek Cooking

We proudly present our Cooking Classes in Naxos, with them you can combine your holidays making your cooking class in a warm and welcoming place in Platia Restaurant.

Visit our farm with the orange trees, lemon trees, tomato plants, eggplant, zucchini, basil, fig trees and discover where the ingredients for your meal are coming from.

  • Visit our farm
  • See where the ingredients are coming from
  • Learn Naxian recipes
  • Enjoy the meal you have prepared
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Amazing food and cooking class

We did every type of activity while visiting Greece for 2 weeks and the cooking class at Platia was our favorite. The family had some wine, cheese, bread, and other nibbles ready for us when we arrived. After that, we went to the kitchen to learn how to cook various traditional dishes. They even gave us the recipes to take home! After that, we got a tour of their farm where all of their fresh ingredients come from. We finished the day eating the food we cooked. Everything was so fresh and delicious. The family was so friendly and treated us as if we were family. We were truly sad to leave! Highly recommend checking this cooking class out.

Steve S

Second time, and no less amazing!

We enjoyed our cooking class 2 years ago with Andrianna that we booked a second one for this September and took 5 friends with us. We had a different menu with kleftico and dolmades which were delicious. Our friends said it was their highlight of their trip to Greece. Spotlessly clean, well thought out menus, and the brand new facility made it even better than we had remembered. The tour of the farm with Nicos while the food we had prepared cooked was really interesting. Then the wine, salad, starters we had made, and the lamb stew were beyond delicious. More wine, homemade Kitron and always a smile makes this the perfect excursion on Naxos known for its wonderful healthy, fresh, pesticide free foods.


Outstanding Cooking Class

We did the cooking class. It was excellent!! Everyone was happy, friendly, and welcoming. The restaurant and cooking area was spotless. It was very well organized from start to finish. Everything was grown on their farm and raised on their farm—fresh and delicious. We made stuffed tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and zucchini, meatballs and tzatziki. While our food was cooking, we had a tour of their farm where we learned about the food they grow, (olives, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, and much more). They are a lovely family and it was one of the highlights of our trip.