About us

The big advantage of Platia restaurant is the menu which has influences from the international and the mediterranean cuisine something which make it able to satisfy even the most demanding palates, both because of the fantastic taste and the well presented dishes which make them like real art works.

If you are looking for something special, unique and exceptional Platia tavern is the best choice and ideal to fulfill your expectations.
All dishes are very finest and made of local products. The wine and the raki (called strofilia in Greek) made from Dimitri's vineyards. You will realize immediately that in this restaurant the traditional cuisine cannot characterized as a touristic place as it crosses even the narrow geographic limits of Naxos.

Before, you start the magic journey of tastes in our restaurant
we will inform you about our village. The old name of our village Galini was Achapsi, appellation with which named municipality Vivlou of Naxos island (FEK 22-18/12/1840). Named Galini in 1955.

In front of the village spreads the field with the gardens  where are full of tree fruits, vegetables, vineyards and olive trees. Crops are protected from the air by traditional  reed windshields.
The visitor will see in each orchard the well and the stone table , and the small cottages in the shade of a fig or a mulberry tree. In this place you can meet all the agricultures from the most modern to traditional. This is the field in which Nikos Kazantzakis referred when he talks about the summer vacations, in his book :" Report to Greco".

If they offer you xinotyro, mizithra, oranges, apricots, figs, loquats, lemons, wine, olive oil, tomatoes etc don't deny just take them and you will not regret.

Platia restaurant opens its doors and welcome you in a friendly and warm enviroment all the "hungry" visitors who wants to experience something special and unique. Choose one of our fabulous traditional dishes which are made from local products.